June 29th 2020

At this time, OFH is still not allowing any in person visitation, this includes outdoor visits. We are patiently waiting to hear direction form the Department of Health and our local health department on guidelines. We still encourage that families and friends utilize video visits, phone calls, and window visits  Families may continue to drop off necessary items at the front door of either the nursing home or rehab entrances.

If residents are going outside for an activity or out for an appointment, we are encouraging social distancing and they are advised to wear a mask outside.

Outdoor Visitation 

August 2020

Odd Fellow Home is currently allowing outdoor visitation ONLY. We continue to follow CDC and DHS guidelines in order to make outside visitation possible.  

Outside visitation will only be allowed Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm, allotted time will be 30 mins per visit, 6 ft apart, both parties will have to wear masks, and they will be supervised/monitored by a staff member to ensure proper spacing is being maintained.

In order to set up a visitation family must call or email to set up the visits. Visits will be in designated areas in the courtyard and under the gazebo areas. Odd Fellow Home asks that visitors arrive 5 mins before their designated time slot, call the facility to let someone know they are here, and a staff member will then bring out the resident for visitation.

We are also asking families/friends to be self-monitoring prior to and after visits and to notify us immediately if they develop any COVID-19 signs/symptoms or have concerns.

Visitors are to call the main number and ask to speak with someone in activities: 920/437-6523 or please email our activity director to schedule a date and time.

Visitor criteria

  • Visitors must wear a mask (or other face covering to prevent spread of respiratory secretions when they are talking, sneezing, or coughing) during the entire visit unless they are unable to do so for medical reasons. 

  • Visitors must use alcohol-based hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the visitation area. 

  • Visitors must be pre-screened and actively screened for fever and any other symptoms of COVID-19, and must attest to COVID-19 status if known. This should be done during pre-screening and again upon arrival at a designated location outside the building. Any individual with symptoms of COVID-19 should be excluded from visitation.  

  • Any gifts or packages for the resident should be dropped off with staff to give to the resident.  

  • Visitors should not walk through the facility to get to the outdoor visitation area. 

  • Visitors must sign in and provide contact information. 

  • Due to the risk of exposure, holding hands, hugging, kissing, or other physical contact is not allowed during family visits. Physical distancing of 6 feet must be maintained for the duration of the visit. 

  • Visitors must stay in designated visitation locations. 

Thank you! 


September 2020

Updates will be posted here.