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Where Paint

Is Our Passion

1207 South Jackson Street
Green Bay, WI 54301

Welcome to
Odd Fellow Rebekah Home Association Inc


The Mission of Odd Fellow Rebekah Home Association Inc is to provide the frail, the disabled, the elderly, and the terminally ill with health care and supportive services to the best of our abilities.  We promote and enhance the autonomy and dignity of each individual we serve. Our commitment is to contribute to the spiritual, physical, psychological, social, and emotional well being of our residents and tenants, our guests, and our community while encouraging the involvement of family and friends.

Our Services



The primary focus of care on the Odd Fellow Campus is a person’s total well-being.  We respond to the needs of the whole person in a professional compassionate manner.  We promote an environment that feels like home and encourage an emphasis on life’s lighter side.


 We believe that our approach to each person is as important as the care we offer.


We believe that the importance of human life and dignity is preserved through respect for each person’s uniqueness; that all person’s have innate dignity; that the support of family is of prime importance; that a positive work environment is essential; and that each resident has the right to expect and receive competent care and the right to participate in care decisions

Skilled Nursing 

Providing dignity, care and warmth in a caring environment since 1889. Our 88 bed skilled nursing facility is located close to clinics and two area hospitals all in historic Astor neighborhood.


Physical therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy provided by GreenField Rehab. 

Restorative Nursing Care 

 Our restorative nursing staff is committed to maintaining those hard earned accomplishments. With the help and guidance of our specially trained staff we assist with all activities of daily living to maintain or maximize your independence.

Assisted Living 

20 private apartments, designed to encourage 

independence while meeting the individual needs of those requiring assistance with daily living.  

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